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WHY IS PILATES GOOD FOR CHILDREN?      子供達にピラティスは有益ですか?

Many children in our modern world is eating fast food, watching TV and playing video games resulting in a lack of a nutritious diet and physical activity. Concerned parents are now looking at exercise programs for their children in an effort to keep them fit, improve their posture and set them up for a lifetime of good health. A rigorous exercise regimen, however, may not be beneficial for young children and could even be harmful. The concern stems from the fact that a young child’s developing skeletal frame cannot handle the demanding forms of exercise in more aerobic-oriented or cardiovascular programs. For these children, a safer, healthier, low-impact workout is needed such as Pilates.


Children can benefit from Pilates:


We have everything you need at My Body My Pilates (equipment, facility, and skilled Pilates instructors) to help children improve motor skills, balance, coordination, strength, and concentration. Pilates also helps with weight and mood management.

私達、My Body My Pilates には、子供達の運動スキル・バランス・運動神経・強さ・集中力を養うために必要なもの、その為の設備や施設やスキルの高いピラティスインストラクターが揃っています。ピラティスは体重管理や気持ちを整えるのにも役立ちます。

Children who do Pilates become confident in their bodies, look better, have more energy and are more attentive at schoolwork.
ピラティスをする子供達は、自分の体に自信が持てるようになり、見た目も健康的になり、元気いっぱいで、学校生活も意欲的に取り組むことが出来るようになります。My Body My Pilatesでは子供向けのレッスンを行なっています。ピラティスは心と体を鍛え、より強い肉体へ、そしてよりリラックスした心の状態へと子供達を導くことができます。

You will begin to notice improved posture and spinal alignment as Pilates increases the strength and flexibility of the abdominal and inner muscles of the body (the core or trunk). Pilates promotes toned, sleek bodies and improves athletic performance. Through Pilates, children can gain awareness of their bodies and learn how to move efficiently and gracefully.


Pilates contributes to positive physical attributes like posture and helps establish correct principles of movement that children will use for their entire lives like walking correctly. It will also create a balanced musculature that can alleviate pain and reduce the potential for injury now and as they continue to grow into adulthood.



Because Pilates is a mind and body discipline, it can guide children to a stronger body, and a more relaxed state of mind. Pilates work to strengthen their bodies which can increase children's self-esteem, stamina, abdominal strength, and sleep. That, combined with the focused breathing techniques essential to the exercises, Pilates can help children attain a much more serene and less stressful outlook.



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