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Corporate Programs

For employers, health is the true wealth. A healthy employee naturally feels good and their productivity rate increases in their personal and professional lives.

Everyone gains from following a good Pilates program. Our modern lifestyle is a demanding one and many live with constant pain. Pilates offers a solution to achieving a pain-free body. My Body My Pilates supports companies and employees to build an effective, manageable and achievable fitness program while improving company productivity.

Energy Lifting Beginner to Intermediate

Corporate Membership 

As a corporate member, your staff can enjoy our Pilates sessions paid by the company as part of their benefits. 


  • 30-class corporate package at Y3,400 per class

  • Sign in with just one login email 

  • Any number of employees can book from the 30 classes

  • Easy top-up with another set of 30 classes

  • Access to all My Body My Pilates classes (in studio and online)

  • Certified and highly-qualified Pilates instructors

  • Classes offered in English, Chinese, Japanese, Polish, Italian

  • Reduced-size classes for maximum attention to students

  • International and supportive environment


At My Body My Pilates, we make being healthy easy and accessible for our clients.


To sign up, please fill out the form below. 

Need an official letter for your HR Department? We've created a sample letter you can download and adjust as needed here.


We look forward to welcoming you at My Body My Pilates on your health journey to look good and feel good. 

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Corporate Membership

Corporate Friends & Family Discount

Not a corporate member but know someone who is? Then you (and your wallet) can still benefit!

  • Sign up a group of minimum 5 people for this package - these can include employees, friends or family! 

  • Sign up for the package with company email address

  • Buy 5 or 10 class packages as per normal via our Booking Page

  • Use your specific discount code at checkout to save 10%!


Interested? Then enter in your information below to register and receive your discount!

Thanks for submitting! We'll be in touch with you shortly

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Friends & Family
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