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Pre and Post Natal Program

Introducing our Pre and Post Natal Yoga & Pilates Package

My Body My Pilates is a specialist in prenatal and postpartum care by offering Yoga and Pilates classes for mums.

Mothers love our Pilates classes so book early in advance as we keep our class numbers small.

Yoga and Pilates classes are on every Wednesday starting 11 January

Fees: ¥21,000 for 5 classes. Package is valid for 2 months from date of purchase. 

Look for Pre and Post Natal Package - 21,000JPY to purchase package

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Pre and postnatal Yoga, Pilates classes and massage at My Body My Pilates

Is Yoga & Pilates safe during pregnancy?

Our Yoga and Pilates pre and post natal classes are low-impact workouts that increase flexibility, strength and muscle tone, and are safe exercises during and after pregnancy.

Our prenatal class is gentle, focuses on stretch your spine, especially lower back to alleviates backaches, refresh your body and bring your energy back. Breathing classes are available to teach you relaxation techniques for a stress-free pregnancy and ultimately helps with labor and delivery.

Getting back into shape after childbirth

We want to help you with your postnatal recovery. Our postnatal Pilates classes are designed to activate deep core muscles, with focus on strengthening the middle (abdominal, buttocks and back). This helps your changing body develop harmoniously; stretching muscles, toning the body, improving posture, developing coordination and stimulating blood circulation.


About the Instructors

Dedicated to look after you throughout your motherhood journey

Célia pre and post natal yoga instructor.JPG

Pre & Post Natal Yoga Instructor & Doula

Hiroko Pilates Instructor_My Body My Pilates.png

Pre & Post Natal Pilates Instructor

Helen Zhang My Body My Pilates.jpeg

Master Instructor


About the Class

Prenatal Yoga Practice


Gently stretching your spine and lower back to alleviate backache, refresh your body and bring your energy back.

Reformer PreNatal Pilates Class_My Body My Pilates_Tokyo.jpg


This may include Reformer, Mat and OOV Pilates. Builds muscle strength and joint stability.

Pregnant Woman


This breathing & birth relaxation class for expectant mothers is taught by Stephanie from Tokyo Doula

Célia pre and post natal yoga instructor .jpg

About Célia Hughes

"Born in Paris, France, I am a midwife and a lactation consultant.

I moved to Japan with my family in 2011. I have two kids (a boy born in 2010 and a girl born in Japan in 2014).


Yoga really entered my life when I was pregnant with my first child and then even more when I was pregnant with my daughter, and I never stopped doing yoga since then. I really believed that yoga helped me during my pregnancies and the postpartum.

So after years of practicing yoga and helping mothers to be and mothers as a midwife I can finally combine the two and offering prenatal and postnatal yoga classe with my certificate from the Degasquet center in France.  Dr Degasquet is a doctor and a yoga teacher and her nickname in France is “miss pelvic floor”! Because she did so many researches on this subject.


As a midwife I know how important is to stay active during pregnancy and how breathing is the key of everything so prenatal yoga is perfect for that, it helps to stay active, and as the same time working with your body to make the space for your baby. And as a plus you can meet other mothers-to be!!


In post-partum, taking care of a baby is hard work and your body needs also some gentle care. Postpartum yoga may help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and your core muscles, and also offering some pampering time for your body with all the stretching and breathing that comes with yoga practice. And as a plus, you are going out with your baby and you meeting other mothers!

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