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My Body My Pilates April 2024 Newsletter

We are celebrating the incredible profession of midwives this month!

This April, we invite you to join us in celebrating midwives and the profound impact they have on the lives of mothers and families. Whether you're an expectant mother seeking support or simply looking to honour the midwives in your life, My Body My Pilates is here to help you nurture your wellness journey with compassion, expertise, and community.

Celebrating midwives in April | My Body My Pilates

Pre & Post Natal Yoga Pilates

In honour of midwives and the expectant mothers they serve, My Body My Pilates is proud to offer specialised prenatal and postnatal yoga/Pilates classes led by our experienced yoga instructor, who is also a midwife. With her unique blend of expertise, she provides expectant mothers with a holistic approach to wellness that nurtures both body and soul.

Additionally, we're thrilled to announce that Tokyo Mother's Group founder Stephanie, a doula herself, is here to offer additional support to our community. Stephanie teaches our Breathing for Labour class. Find out more about this class.

How is your pelvic health?

Don't miss this eye-opening workshop led by Helen Zhang, our movement educator, to learn about what a healthy pelvis is. You will gain a foundational knowledge about the pelvis, learn about how it affects the spine, hip and legs. Learn how to do an analysis of your pelvis status and you'll even get a series of movements you can continue to practise on your own at home for sustained pelvic health. The benefits you get from just one workshop is for you to have for life!

We also encourage Pilates Instructors to attend this workshop to gain a better understanding of how the pelvis works.

Time: 26th May 26th 2024, 2pm to 5pm
Fee: ¥15000


We have added a new Chair Pilates Class on Monday at 12pm.

New Chair Class Pilates | My Body My Pilates

The Chair is one of the most challenging pieces of Pilates apparatus. It works the whole body and is a great complementary training for skiers, runners, tennis players, golfers and dancers and anyone else looking to improve whole-body strength.  Did you know My Body My Pilates was the first studio in Tokyo to offer this class?

Book your Chair class today and share your experience with us!

Pilates INSTRUCTOR Training dates

Have you signed up for our upcoming Pilates Instructor Training Courses? Enrolment closes on April 26th so hurry as spots go fast.

  • Movement Principle: May 10th -12th

  • Mat course: May 11th -18th

  • Reformer Course: June 7th - 29th



Our Pilates studio is at 3 丁目5ー11元麻布 1/F Pilates Studio, Block C Majes Motoazabu Gardens, 港区 Tokyo 106-0046.

Contact My Body My Pilates to discuss your Pilates exercises.


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