My Body My Pilates is COVID Safe

My Body My Pilates COVID-Safe Measures


Why being COVID-Safe is important to My Body My Pilates

As a Pilates studio in Tokyo dedicated to the health and wellbeing of our clients' body, mind and spirit, My Body My Pilates has in place safety measures to ensure everyone can enjoy Pilates in a clean and sanitised environment. We appreciate your cooperation in keeping My Body My Pilates a safe space with these COVID-Safe Measures. If you are unsure of these arrangements, please contact us. 上記の内容についてご質問等がございましたら、スタジオまでご連絡ください。 Pilates is very much a part of our lifestyle at My Body My Pilates. Rest assured that you have access to doing Pilates not only in our studio but also with our online classes at home. Pilates helps build your immune system, and we need strong, healthy bodies in order to continue doing Pilates, so it is vital we take care of ourselves with rest, care and appropriate exercise.

Class size

Classes at My Body My Pilates have always been kept small. We will maintain this with a maximum number of five people at a time in each group Pilates class. クラスサイズは少人数制を維持し、最大5名のレッスンを続けていきます。 Please do not attend class if you are feeling unwell. An important part of Pilates is listening to your own body and respectfully attending to its needs. 具合が悪い時はレッスンを受けないでください。

Safe distancing

We maintain distance between the different machines in the rooms to ensure everyone has a safe space to do their exercises.

Face masks

Instructors and clients are required to wear a face mask while they are in the studio. インストラクターとクライアントは、敷地内にいる間はマスクを着用する必要があります。

Pilates class bookings

It is important that you book your Pilates classes at least 2 hours in advance. This will help us prepare the studio for your comfort and enjoyment. レッスンの2時間前までに必ず予約をしてください。


My Body My Pilates is defusing “Thieves”, a 100% plant-based essential oil to "clean" the air. We use “Thieves household cleaner" to clean all our equipment. Instructors and clients are encouraged to wipe down all equipment used after each class. We recommend everyone wash or sanitise their hands regularly before and after class. Use our hand spray to clean your hands after taking off your shoes. My Body My Pilatesスタジオは 100%植物由来のエッセンシャルオイル“Thieves”で空気清浄をし、“Thieves household cleaner"で道具を拭き上げています。インストラクターにも、生徒のみなさんにも、レッスンの後には必ず使った道具を拭くようにお願いしています。靴を脱いだ後には、スタジオの消毒スプレーで手を消毒してください。 クラスの前後に定期的に手を洗ったり、消毒することをお勧めします。