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  • Helen Zhang


April 14, 2020 - TOKYO

My Diary During COVID-19 Pandemic

Day XXX, I lost track of the days. Since when did we start fighting this coronavirus. Since when did we shut down? Life need to go on even we need to stay at home as much as we can, keep social distance, no eat out.

My online Pilates classes are still going on, as more and more people started joining me, I feel great that I can still keep serving the community with my knowledge of Pilates and the human body to help the community keep up with healthy routines.

As I charge very little for online Pilates classes, I can't make enough to pay the rent of my studio this month. I don't know when we will be back to normal. My savings only allows me to pay two-month rent with no income. Hope this dreadful time will end soon.

My 6 year old son has been playing on his iPad and video games, because he's bored at home. I took him out for jogging. If you know me, you know I don't like running or jogging. For me, it's very boring. But I think it would be good training for my son besides doing Pilates together. He is like me - strong but we both do not enjoy running. Anyway we went, We ran around the Shibaura island where our neighbourhood is. It was about 1600 meters, it took us about 30-40 mins. We ran and walked. I tried to encourage him to keep running. It was fun, he did better than I thought. He didn't throw a tantrum or whine. I told him we would do this again tomorrow and he said ok.

I am very looking forward to keeping this as a tradition between us. maybe I can jog to my studio daily when COVID-19 is over.


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