Entrance to My Body My Pilates studio at Motoazabu, Tokyo

〒106-0046 Tōkyō-to, Minato-ku, Motoazabu,

3 Chome−5−11 , 1/F Pilates Studio, Block C Majes Motoazbu Gardens

東京都港区元麻布3-5-11, Majes元麻布ガーデンズ Pilates Studio

t: 080-7718-2544

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My Body My Pilates is a boutique Pilates Studio situated in the heart of Tokyo, Japan. 

Our classes are available in English, Chinese, Japanese, Polish and Italian. 

We invite you to join us if you yearn for a gorgeous, strong, flexible and healthy body.

My Body My Pilatesは、元麻布にあるピラティススタジオです。



Love your Body.

Enjoy Pilates.


My Pilates of Happiness


"Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness" - Joseph Pilates.


10 years ago, my knees gave me so much pain that I struggled with walking up and down the stairs. My doctor recommended that I do Pilates to alleviate the pain. After a month, my knees were healed and I said good bye to pain. The big PLUS, I got my dream body that I yearned for a very long time.



Pilates helped me and now I want to help you too. 


Let's all be happy! - Helen Zhang.

皆さん、一緒にハッピーになりましょう! Helen Zhang

Why is Pilates Good For You?

The benefit of Pilates ピラティスの効果

  • Improve Posture 姿勢矯正、骨盤矯正 

  • Increase joints mobility and stability 関節の可動域の広さと安定性の改善する 

  • The whole body strengthening and flexibility 全身の強化と柔軟性

  • Improve sports performance スポーツとダンサーのパフォーマンスを改善する

  • Improve immunity 免疫力アップ

  • Prevent injuries 怪我の防止

Book English and Japanese Pilates classes Motoazabu Tokyo

Book Your Class クラスの予約

We hold English, Chinese and Japanese Pilates classes in small groups so be sure to book your spot early.


Read our blog and information about our regular workshops.

Pilates Instructors at My Body My Pilates Motoazabu Tokyo

Meet Our Instructors インストラクター

We are passionate about the good health and whole body strength and flexibility you can develop by bringing Pilates into your life. 

Aroma Therapy アロアセラピー

You can buy therapy grade essential oils direct from My Body My Pilates.

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