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My Body My Pilates May 2024 Newsletter

From pelvis to hips, there is so much we can do to improve our health!

Highlights this MAY

International Men's Health Week is June 10 to 16, and My Body My Pilates is gearing up to power up men's health with Pilates! We invite men to join us in redefining their movement and flexibility with our "Men's Health: Hip Joint Mobility Workshop". This exclusive event is specially tailored for those looking to tackle common issues faced by many men today: tight hips and hamstrings.

Celebrating men's health in May | My Body My Pilates

The workshop will be run by Helen Zhang, based on her years of experience working with men and understanding the main health issues that frustrate them i.e. tight hips and hamstrings. She will be teaching a 3-hr workshop about how to open up the hips and stretch the hamstrings in a more effective way.

Time: 16th June 2024, 2pm to 5pm
Fee: ¥15000

Have you signed up for our Happy Pelvic Workshop?

Happy Pelvic Workshop | My Body My Pilates

Last day to sign up is May 19th! Join us for the "Happy Pelvic Workshop" and get ready to give your pelvis the support it needs to be healthy and happy.

Date & Time: May 26th 2024, 2pm to 5pm
Fee: ¥15,000

My body my pilates seventh birthday | My Body My Pilates

Celebrate our 7th birthday with us!

We are so excited about August 1st! My Body My Pilates is going to be 7!! We will have an Open House on Sept 8th, so mark that on your calendars!

🥳 There will be a 30-min FREE class (Mat, Reformer, Tower and Chair) every 2 hours between 9am and 6pm.

🥳 Plus, there will be a 20% discount for ALL sale on that day (no expiry dates)! Get ready to give your Pilates training a big boost!

We would also love to hear from everyone their experience with My Body My Pilates all this time with us. We are celebrating our growth and that includes listening to our clients so we can continue to provide top quality Pilates classes to everyone.

Pilates INSTRUCTOR Training dates

Places for our Reformer Course (June intake) in our Pilates Instructor Training 2024 are going fast and the last day to sign up is May 24th, so make sure you secure your spot now.

Check our schedule for all Pilates Instructor Training dates here.

Mat Course 48hr (Sept, Oct)

Mat 1 - 14, 28 Sept

Mat 2 - 5, 12 Oct

Mat 3 - 19, 26 Oct

Reformer Course 48hr (June)

Reformer 1 - 7, 8 June

Reformer 2 - 14, 15 June

Reformer 3 - 28, 29 June

Reformer Course 48hr (Nov)

Reformer 1 - 2, 9 Nov

Reformer 2 - 16, 23 Nov

Movement Principles 16hr (May)

10, 12 May

Movement Principles 16hr (Sept)

7, 21 Sept

Apparatus Course 38hr (Dec)

Trapeze 1 - 2 Dec

Trapeze 2 - 3 Dec

Trapeze 3 - 4 Dec

Chair 1 - 5 Dec

Chair 2 - 6 Dec

Barrels - 7 Dec



Our Pilates studio is at 3 丁目5ー11元麻布 1/F Pilates Studio, Block C Majes Motoazabu Gardens, 港区 Tokyo 106-0046.

Contact My Body My Pilates to discuss your Pilates exercises.


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