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Chair pilates + oov for Frozen Shoulders

Injuries are part and parcel of life, but if left untreated, can have seriously detrimental repercussions to our health.

Shoulder injuries in particular can be especially troublesome, affecting how we go about our daily lives, impacting our sleep and, if not addressed, potentially leading to serious injuries elsewhere such as in our neck and back.

New Chair Pilates + OOV class for shoulder pain

Pains of Modern Life

It is undeniable that with our modern lifestyles, our shoulder health is often compromised. Just think of your daily routine and how much time you spend hunched over a computer, a laptop, your phone, the tablet. It is a position which we have all gotten used to and we don´t think too much about it...that is, until something starts to hurt.

The global COVID-19 pandemic has also had a profound impact on the way we live our lives. While it has its upside in opening up opportunities and acceptance of remote working, giving us more flexibility to our schedules, providing more time with family and eliminating the daily hassle and cost of commuting, it has also brought about a negative impact on our physical health.

Medical centres have seen an increase in ailments. Many are suffering from increased inactivity, being hunched over a laptop at home with bad posture and lack of relative movement resulting in aches, pains and subsequent injuries.

Too much or too little exercise

Some have re-evaluated their approach to health and well being and the uptake in various new indoor and outdoor exercise regimes and recreational pursuits has been significant. While this is a healthier option than being slumped over the PC in a wholly inactive state, it has also initiated a spate of inevitable injuries.

Everyone is trying to find the happy balance of having sufficient and suitable forms of exercise and also having enough rest without being completely sedentary.

Our shoulders are one of the most frequently used parts of our body comprising a highly complex joint system so when we experience pain or discomfort, it can be very much debilitating. Shoulder impingement and tendonitis are common amongst sports enthusiasts and gym disciples but can also occur from general day-to-day wear and tear and sometimes from seemingly nothing at all.

chair Pilates + oov

Pilates has proven to be incredibly beneficial for people suffering from shoulder pain as it helps balance muscles around the shoulders to achieve stability and promote an effective range of movement while encouraging enhanced posture. It can increase joint support through improved strength in the core muscles of joints which can reduce pain and increase functionality.

Starting from 23rd April, we are starting an exciting new class every Saturday at 11am to help combat shoulder stiffness, pain and building core strength to help hold up the upper body and create ease of movement.

Clients have loved our Chair Pilates and also OOV classes and have been asking for them. We have brought the best of both worlds to create our Chair Pilates + OOV class as an effective combination to help fight shoulder pain.

What the OOV does is it automatically cradles your spine into the neutral position with its special 3-curve design. At the same time, the unstable surface of the OOV encourages gentle decompression all along your spine through the exercises. As a result, your body will feel lighter yet stronger, with an increased range of motion, joint stability and muscle endurance.

Come try out Chair Pilates + OOV class to experience what painfree shoulders can feel like, and enjoy the breath and ease of movement Pilates can give your body.

So, whether you are experiencing problems with your shoulders or just want to adopt a healthier approach to your daily life, book your Chair Pilates + OOV class and enjoy a healthier lifestyle now with My Body My Pilates.


Our Pilates studio is at 3 丁目5ー11元麻布 1/F Pilates Studio, Block C Majes Motoazabu Gardens, 港区 Tokyo 106-0046.

Contact My Body My Pilates to discuss your Pilates exercises.

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