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We invite you to our 30 Day Pilates Challenge
Let's make a change. Be fitter and stronger one day at a time! 

Take our 30 Day Pilates Challenge, and get a daily email with a short instructional video for you to take a few minutes out from taking care of everybody and everything else, to take care of you! 

30-Day Pilates Challenge Full Calendar M


Wherever you are in this world, we're thinking of you, especially your well-being. Let's take care of each other.

There's no greater investment to create a more beautiful YOU!

Let me know how you go. Was it easy or challenging? How did you feel?

Drop me a line here or on our social media. I want to hear from you.

What I would love you to do is to share this 30 day Pilates Challenge with a friend.

- Helen Zhang -


My Body My Pilates has come through the COVID-19 pandemic stronger than ever. We have received such amazing support from the very start from our clients and instructors. Their show of love, hope, courage and strength has gone beyond a love for Pilates. 


We invite everyone to take up our 30 Day Challenge and join us in celebrating life and health. Together, we are building strength - physically, mentally and emotionally.


Regardless of your level, our 30 Day Challenge has something for everyone and it is a wonderful opportunity to come together as one and motivate each other doing what we all love! 


Let's make a change together, one day at a time! 


Every day you will receive an email with a short instructional video of a Pilates exercise. A few special minutes to take care of yourself is a way to thank your body and your mind for giving you the opportunity to live a full, happy life! 




Helen and all the teachers are really caring and committed to helping you improve on your health and well-being. The group lessons are small and the attention is personalized; it is a joy to attend the classes - there's always something to learn and a new tip to better understand how to move and work out. The Pilates machines are fantastic, and at this studio you get the most of them under expert guidance. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

- Marie Guttierez -

I love this studio and Helen, the owner! I started Pilates at this studio about 3 years ago and it has seriously changed the way I think about my body and keeping it healthy. Through this time of COVID-19, I am enjoying as many Zoom virtual classes as my schedule allows. It does wonders for my body and overall mood. All of the instructors are knowledgable, friendly, and sincere. It is a fantastic studio to belong to and while I miss the studio, I still get that "feel" when I join in on Zoom. Thank you to Helen and all the instructors! I highly recommend every thing My Body My Pilates has to offer.

- Gabrielle Kaufhold -

I had no idea how Pilates would change my relationship with my body before I started Pilates with Helen. Prenatal classes were an excellent way to prepare for the birth, so were postnatal classes to recover from it! I got to attend regular classes too, and my very favourite ones were the oov, such a challenging tool! A big thank to Helen and all the trainers at Mybodymypilates studio for their kindness and awesome work!

- Alice Milton -

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