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My Body My Pilates March 2024 Newsletter

March into better health with our march matness fun!

March Matness

Every year, Pilates lovers around world come together to celebrate Pilates mat work in March with #MarchMATness! At My Body My Pilates, we are going to help all of our clients to master the famous Pilates mat exercises this March. Get ready for the Hundred, Single Leg Stretch, Double Leg Stretch, Crisscross, Single Straight Leg Stretch and Double Straight Leg Stretch! Get on your mat, ready, and fire on!

Pilates educator Training dates

Have you signed up for our upcoming Pilates Instructor Training Courses? Enrolment closes on April 26th so hurry as spots go fast.

  • Movement Principle: May 10th -12th

  • Mat course: May 11th -18th

  • Reformer Course: June 7th - 29th

Learn more here.

happy pelviC workshop

Is it difficult for you to sit, stand or walk for a long time? Perhaps you have clients who face these challenges and you're wondering how to help them?

28 April is the World Day for Safety and Health at Work. In spite of the many conveniences modern life has brought us, our pelvis is not that happy. The pelvis needs mobility and stability. When we are not using our body properly, we get back pain and hip joint pain.

Helen Zhang, our movement educator, will be teaching a workshop to bring more awareness about what constitutes a healthy pelvis. During the workshop, you will learn basic knowledge about our pelvis, focusing on the spine, hip and legs, an analysis of your pelvic status and a series of movements to take home and practise.

This is a great workshop for Pilates Instructors who want to gain a deeper understanding of the pelvis.

Time: 26th May 26th 2024, 2pm to 5pm
Fee: ¥15000

Last day to sign up is May 19th, so hurry before places run out.

Did you know we have our very own Youtube Channel? Subscribe below to view videos of your favourite Pilates exercises.



Our Pilates studio is at 3 丁目5ー11元麻布 1/F Pilates Studio, Block C Majes Motoazabu Gardens, 港区 Tokyo 106-0046.

Contact My Body My Pilates to discuss your Pilates exercises.


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