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The Incredible OOV スゴイOOV

The only mat Pilates we kept

Exercise on Pilates apparatus can benefit so much more than a Pilates mat class because Pilates equipment is so smart that it can challenge and assist at the same time during the exercise, therefore, they are suitable for everyone at all levels. 


OOV is the only mat class I kept after expanding my studio to a fully equipped Pilates Studio and my studio is the first studio to bring this tool to Japan. 


Why I kept OOV?


Because its unique 3-curve design that automatically cradles your spine into a neutral position and elongates each vertebra.


At the same time, the unstable surface of the OOV encourages gentle decompression all along your spine through the exercises.


As a result, your body will feel lighter yet stronger, with an increased range of motion, joint stability and muscle endurance. 


You will experience visible results within 10 mins for frozen shoulder and tight hip to increase range of motion on OOV


You will experience the incredible core strengthening on OOV more than any other props. 


You will discover the imbalance in your body immediately in order to work towards equilibrium in a very efficient way. 


Let’s OOV it towards our balanced healthy bodies! 



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