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  • Helen Zhang

Pilates EXERCISES USING AP​PARATUS マシンピラティスクラスとは何ですか

Many of our Pilates exercises are assisted with some kind of Pilates apparatus. Our apparatus are specially selected to offer all the benefits of Pilates including overall strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance. These things, in turn, lead to daily life improvements like better posture, graceful and efficient movement, and for many, relief from pain associated with physical imbalances such as back pain.

  • Reformer Class

The reformer machine is the first piece of apparatus Joseph Pilates invented, with you in mind. The unique design of the reformer machine was designed to cater to a wide range of fitness needs and goals - from rehabilitative to athletic needs. uses a combination of springs to help you improve mobility and core strength, with a series of specially designed exercise routines. Joseph Pilates wanted to help everyone with any kind of ailments. As such, exercises on the reformer machine can be executed in a wide range of positions and movements to suit your needs. Each one-on-one session is conducted in understanding of your specific level, your needs and fitness goals. As you progress through the different intensity levels, we adjust exercises to provide a full body, high intensity workout, whilst remaining low impact. 


Beginner and level 1 classes allow you to get comfortable using the reformer machine. We focus on correcting spinal and pelvic alignment, lengthening muscles and developing a strong core. 


Level 2 and advanced classes adopt a more athletic focus with a higher intensity and flow. We look into muscle endurance, building lactate tolerance, peripheral joint stability, muscle strength and more. 


ピラティスのベネフィット: 姿勢矯正,脊髄と骨盤を直す,体幹をを鍛え−腹筋と背筋を強化,肩の可動性と安定性の高める、インナーマッスルを強化して柔らかい体に,ケガの防止,スポーツのスキルアップ

  • Tower Class

Come experience an incredible stretch like never before in our tower class. Fusing elements from exercises on the reformer, Cadillac and mat classes, our tower class promises a full range of body movements that challenges your limits. 



  • Chair Class:

Don’t let the name fool you; there is no sitting around in this class! 

One of the most challenging pieces of Pilates apparatus, exercises on the Chair are great for skiers, runners, tennis players and golfers and anyone else looking to improve upper body strength.  We are the first studio in Tokyo to offer this class so try it today!



  • OOV Class

A first in Japan, and the only mat class we kept. we are excited and proud to offer this class. The OOV automatically cradles your spine into the neutral position with its special 3-curve design. At the same time, the unstable surface of the OOV encourages gentle decompression all along your spine through the exercises. As a result, your body will feel lighter yet stronger, with an increased range of motion, join stability and muscle endurance. 

日本初上陸、このスタジオに保つ唯一のマットクラス。私たちはこのクラスを提供出来ることにとても嬉しく思っております。 OOVは自動的にあなたの背骨の中立位置に特別な3カーブデザインで支えます。同時に、OOVの不安定な表面は、エクササイズを通してあなたの背骨全体に沿って穏やかな減圧を促します。その結果、エクササイズ後にはあなたの体は軽くそして強く感じます。このクラスに参加し体の可動域の広がり、安定性および筋肉持久力を是非感じてみてください。

  • Private and Semi-Private Class:

Reap the full benefits of Joseph Pilates' rehabilitative methods on your own, with a friend or partner. We are happy to tailor exercises to your needs, at your pace, towards your goals.



My Body My Pilates is a boutique Pilates Studio situated in the heart of Tokyo, Japan. Our classes are available for English, Chinese and Japanese speaking clients. We invite you to join us if you yearn for a gorgeous, strong, lean body.


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