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Our Natural Way of Life…Anywhere

Every experience is part of our learning curve, and as we step forward into 2021, we take with us what we have learnt so we can do better.

The current COVID-19 situation continues to evolve and while we may not know exactly what is going to happen, what we are able to do is to be prepared, mentally and also, logistically.

Making a Real Change, at Home and in the Studio

Pilates is our natural way of life, and we take it with us where we go. When the pandemic first started, we were clear that we did not want to give up on our Pilates training. Lockdown does not mean shutdown. We still need to keep going and take care of our bodies and minds. If anything, it drove us to become even more focused and keep going.

Finding our center in Pilates is key to building a strong body. By staying mentally centered as well, we found a solution to keep our Pilates sessions going even through the lockdown. We have done it before and now we are better prepared for what could come. Flexibility is not only in the body but also in the mind. We changed our business model and have learnt to adapt our classes so we are able to continue both in studio as well as at home via Zoom. Basically, making a real change for good health is not limited to only our studio. It can take place anywhere, and we want to make it as available as possible for our clients.

Adaptation is Key…

Doing Pilates online is not simply a consequence of COVID-19. It is a new way of adapting to our environment. Even without a pandemic, there are many advantages to having sessions online. Whether it is because you are living in an area where there is a temporary lockdown, or if you belong to a high-risk group and it is safer being at home, Pilates is still available to you and staying healthy is the best thing we can do for ourselves.

Some of our clients travel often for work and having an unpredictable schedule means it is difficult for them to commit to classes. We also have many mothers with young children and they have to juggle the whole family´s timetable at the same time. Making sure they schedule ahead of time and factor in enough time so they can come to every single class can be a challenge. There are others who live further out and in their area they may not have any Pilates studios, or it may not be one which they feel comfortable going to. Spending more time on travelling than being in a Pilates studio is perhaps not the most effective way to spend their time either. Or clients could simply have a very busy life and run on really tight schedules.

This is where having online classes can really help. It takes a load off people´s minds, knowing they can connect any time, anywhere. Our online Pilates classes go beyond just coping with a pandemic. It is a way to bring Pilates as a natural way of life to so many more people who appreciate having it.

…and so is Simplicity

The sudden surge of businesses going online can feel overwhelming for those who may not feel comfortable with using so much technology at once. At My Body My Pilates, we have kept accessing our studio classes simple and clean and we want the same for our online classes.

One of the changes we have made in our new business model is that now Pilates classes cost the same as our regular in-studio class: ¥4400. This also means you can use your Class Packages to purchase both studio or online classes - whichever you prefer!

It is simple getting started doing Pilates online with us. You need only three simple things to get started!

  1. A device you feel most comfortable using - your computer, laptop, mobile device or tablet.

  2. A Pilates mat - note that a Pilates mat is slightly thicker than a yoga mat. Some of the exercises we do require more protection for the spine so we recommend getting a proper Pilates mat for your safety.

  3. An Internet connection

Getting Started

So now you have these three things in place, we can get started!

  1. Download the Zoom application onto your device.

  2. Book your class as usual.

  3. Once your appointment is scheduled, you will receive a link by email.

  4. Five minutes before the class, click on the link to enter the session.

  5. Your registration will be verified and approved and you can then enter the virtual class.

  6. Roll out your Pilates mat, take a few calm breaths, and when your Pilates instructor joins the session, you are ready for some Pilates!

We recommend you read our Set Up and Troubleshooting Guide before the class and contact us here if you have any questions.

Preparing for a New Life

At My Body My Pilates, apart from our online Zoom classes for all levels, we also offer Prenatal and Postpartum classes for mothers in both English and Japanese.

Our Prenatal Pilates classes are gentle and low-impact. We focus on helping you stretch your spine and especially the lower back to help alleviate the nagging backaches that come from pregnancy. The exercises are tailored to refresh your body and give you a boost of energy. As in a normal Pilates class, our prenatal classes continue to help you work on flexibility, strengthening and toning the muscles, all in a safe range so you are building up a strong body for your baby.

Breathing classes are also available to teach you relaxation techniques so you can ease through your pregnancy, enjoy the experience and better understand and manage the changes in your body during this period. Correct breathing also helps with labor and delivery, so you are well taken care of from start to finish.

Just as important as preparing the body for the arrival of your baby, it is equally important to treat your body right after the delivery. Our Postpartum classes are at hand to help you recover and recharge. These classes activate the deep core muscles, focusing on strengthening the abdominals, buttocks and lower back. Your body has gone through quite an aggressive change through pregnancy and our Postpartum classes build in exercises that harmoniously realign your body again. There are many benefits to our Postpartum classes - you improve your posture, develop coordination and stimulate blood circulation. All designed to get you to bounce back with energy and ready to meet the demands of a new baby. When you are healthy, happy and well, you are ready to enjoy all that life has to offer. A healthy body is a happy body. And a happy mother means the baby is happy too.

One Breath at a Time

Changes are part of everyone´s life journey but the one thing that helps keep us centered is knowing we carry Pilates with us wherever we go, however we are. It is a part of our daily or weekly routine and it is a way of self-care, a way to look after our health. We do not need a pandemic to finally make us sit up and realize that health is key to a more joyful and full life. At My Body My Pilates, we have come a long way bringing Pilates to our community and beyond, and we want to continue sharing our passion for Pilates with many more people around the world for a long time to come. We are so grateful Pilates is not something we can ever 'graduate' from!

Pilates is with you when you make it a natural way of life and it rewards you by giving you real changes that you can feel and enjoy in your very own body. While we may be living in uncertain times right now and having to cope with restrictions, we can focus on the things we are able to do and which are also important. In Pilates, we take one breath at a time, feeling how our whole body is doing its best to support us to live the best life we can.

My Body My Pilates is with you on your Pilates journey to a healthy and happy life through the changes that life brings. We are here for someone who has just taken their first step on a Pilates mat for the very first time in their lives and we are here for others who want to continue challenging themselves in their Pilates training. We are here for those who travel and need a sense of home when they step onto their Pilates mat and we are here for mothers through their pregnancy and beyond. We are here for anyone from all over the world - we all speak Pilates and that is a universal language! We are all striving towards the same goal to have a healthy and happy body to live life to the fullest! Let us continue to make real changes together.

Have you found a quiet, comfortable corner and ready to roll out your mat? Then get your device ready, because we are!

Book your class here.


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