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Making a Real Change


As the year draws to a close, we start reflecting on how the year has been and how we would like 2021 to be. New Year´s resolutions are often taken as a joke where exciting goals are set and then not so far into the new year, these same objectives get left aside in the busy-ness of our lives. And the year speeds by and we make the same resolutions again at the end of that same year. Making a real change can feel like a mammoth task!

Wouldn't it be great if we could actually stick to a resolution and even enjoy doing it?

I remember when I once lived in a body that was racked with constant pain. I decided I had to do something about it so I took up Pilates. That was my first step. It changed my life completely. And I was determined to maintain that positive change. I did that by making Pilates my natural way of life. That was how a real change came about for me and today I am enjoying the fruits of these changes. Pilates is a part of my life and today, I can do the activities I want to do and enjoy them without being held back by fear or pain.

Making a real change felt so good, I even wanted to share it with as many people as I could! My Body My Pilates is the result of this real change!

A Common Goal

At My Body My Pilates, we have seen so many bodies come through our doors and they all have a common goal. They want to be healthy, and they want to be happy and enjoy their lives. How does one do that?

Pilates is not a one-off solution that one turns to only when one is in pain. In fact, we do Pilates way before any pain starts. We do Pilates as a way to keep the body aligned, strong and balanced. It also goes from being merely a physical activity to a mental and emotional one. When we slow down and listen to our bodies, when we start building body awareness of alignment and how the breath helps us move more efficiently, we realise how a simple physical change can create a different feeling and mood in us. A body that is constantly tight, tensed and over-compensating is in a state of stress. And often, pain. It is not free to really enjoy moving. Pilates tones muscles and also aligns it so it can be released, relaxed and free. A common feeling from people who do Pilates is how much taller Pilates makes them feel!

Your First Step

So are you ready to make a real change in the coming year?

Goals do not need to be huge and suffocating. Sometimes a goal is as simple as deciding to start your very first Pilates class. Or to take it up again if it was something you had stopped doing many years ago.

The wonderful thing about Pilates is you can start Pilates any time, in any condition, at any age.

Sometimes, simply being curious is enough to be your first step to a healthy, happy life with Pilates.

Size Matters

My Body My Pilates has everything you need to get started on your health journey in making Pilates a natural way of life.

Our small class size of a maximum of five students means everyone gets proper, professional attention.

Pilates is a lot about precision and alignment. Each instructor needs to really focus on how your unique body is moving, what it needs, be aware of its history and make decisions about exercises to give to help you achieve your fitness objectives. Keeping classes small allows our instructors to give each body their very best. You can also opt for private classes if you have specific medical issues to be addressed, or simply to personalise the exercises to complement another sport or activity you may be doing.

All You Need

We have a wide variety of the most important and latest Pilates machines, apparatus and equipment in our boutique studio.

Pilates has a huge vocabulary of exercises and our instructors are always excited about planning your unique set of exercises. Because we have the range of tools necessary, we are able to cater to all levels and requirements. Pilates provides a solid foundation by building awareness, alignment and core strength as well as using the breath to keep the body flowing. All the machines and equipment work together to give you a comprehensive program to optimise your training. Instructors can set a much more advanced level exercise on different machines or apparatus when you progress and gain strength and flexibility to attempt the challenge safely.

Our range of machines and equipment also ensures there is variety to the exercises and sometimes that is where you see the fun side of Pilates! You could be Climbing a Tree on the Ladder Barrel one lesson and doing a Swan on the Reformer the next!

Real Progress

Let us look at an example of a beginner level exercise on the OOV apparatus. In the first video, you can see how the focus is on keeping the rest of the body still and building solid core strength. It looks deceptively simple! It takes concentration and focus to do it well and reap the benefits of this exercise. It is important for the body to learn to find alignment and maintain the stability that will lead you to do more challenging and fun exercises later on.

OOV Pilates Beginner

It is exciting to see what a super-advanced level Pilates exercise looks like, and in the second video below you can see a Cat Walkover exercise. It looks impressive, and what it really boils down to is core strength. Without starting with a simple core exercise like in the first video, it is not possible for the body to do a Cat Walkover correctly and smoothly without causing injury. Pilates is not a muscle and brawn type of exercise. It comes with its own elegance and grace with rock-solid quiet strength at the core. In this Cat Walkover, you need strong core muscles to tiptoe gently all the way up over the ceiling and back again.

Cat Walkover exercise

At My Body My Pilates, we help you build the muscles and flexibility you need, based on how your body is. No two bodies are exactly the same. And each person´s health journey is wonderfully unique. With proper guidance from our certified and experienced instructors, you can experience real progress as you move through your levels. The exciting thing about Pilates is sometimes a simple correction about misalignment can create an immediate change in the body. Our clients are often amazed by how little a movement they need to see a real change take place in their bodies, sometimes in just a matter of a few classes.

Feel the Change

Because we have the full professional set-up at My Body My Pilates, not to mention a beautiful, friendly environment and community of people passionate about Pilates, you not only see but also truly feel the changes in your body and mind as you progress through the classes. I know when I first felt how wonderful a pain-free body was, I wanted to keep that feeling and do even more to get stronger. When my body got healthy, I got happy too. And I am enjoying my life fully now doing so many activities I would never dream of doing, not even when I was much younger.

We are most motivated when we see how clients experience their own unique changes in their bodies. From discovering a muscle to being aware of how that muscle works, that is beautiful progress we see in our beginner clients. And the joy they experience when they nail a new and more challenging exercise can really make our day!

The bottom line is, change is possible, and at My Body My Pilates, we love helping you make real changes and seeing how your body is changing for the better (and happier) is our biggest reward.

Our goal at My Body My Pilates is to help clients make Pilates a natural way of life - not just Pilates for managing pain.

Let's Get Started

A strong and healthy body starts with one simple step, one basic exercise. So, what is your fitness and health goal for 2021? We invite everyone to join us on our journey to healthy and happy bodies in the new year. Let Pilates become a natural way of life in 2021!

Take your very first step in making a real change with us here at My Body My Pilates with a 1000Yen discount for new clients. Check out with code 1000OFF when you book a class here.


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