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Let's Learn About Posture! 姿勢のことを習いましょう!

Why is Posture important?


The human body is a precise and smart instrument. It naturally has perfect alignment to allow us to move vertically. Whether or not we have good or bad posture, our body will re-align, compensate and reset movement patterns to keep us moving. 



So why should we bother to correct posture since we can move anyway?


In our current day to day life we spend more time than ever sitting for long hours at work and bending our necks down to looks at our phones. These daily activities are the number one harmful thing to your posture.

Your spinal health affects your entire body. Bad posture leads to mis-alignments. These mis-alignments lead to stiffness or pain. Stiffness can result in stress and injury, or even disease, Tension, stress or injury can take a long time to heal physically and mentally.

Correct alignments allow us to move efficiently, naturally, and spontaneously to respond our daily life. It means you will be capable of giving your best in daily tasks and sports with minimum effort. Correct alignments keep us away from stress, stiffness, pain and disease.






Why is Pilates the best way to improve you posture?


Pilates focuses on engaging the mind with the body to create exercises that involve the whole body. Pilates instructors are trained look at whole body alignments- not only body parts. postural awareness/alignment are built in every Pilates movements. The Pilates Methodology is based on sound scientific principles that squarely address the structural realities of the human body. Among its many benefits, it seeks to promote good posture by balancing the body and distributing the normal physical stresses of standing and moving among the appropriate bone and muscle groups with proper breathing.






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My Body My Pilates is a boutique Pilates Studio situated in the heart of Tokyo, Japan. Our classes are available for English, Chinese and Japanese speaking clients. We invite you to join us if you yearn for a gorgeous, strong, lean body.


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