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Power up this summer with our new Tower Pass

give your body a treat this summer toning up on the tower

We have a special summer treat coming up and your body is going to love it!

We have a new Tower Pass for this summer (June, July and August) where you can get unlimited access to our Tower classes. We have Tower classes available 6 days a week, which means you can actually do 32 classes a month! We've often heard clients tell us they wish they could do Pilates every day because they feel and see the benefits so clearly from the get go.

AND, we have added a new Tower Level 1 class on Sunday at 1pm, making it even more convenient for everyone with different schedules to organise their training. Agatha will be teaching the Sunday classes.

Tower Pass タワーパース Price: ¥66000 per month

Duration: June, July and Aug 2023 Access: Unlimited access to all Tower classes (available 6 days a week, total of 32 classes a month) タワークラスが受け放題(週6日、月32回のタワークラスが受けられます。

Check out our class schedule here:

June Class schedule | My body my pilates

Get to know the Tower

Although the Pilates Reformer is probably the most famous apparatus, the Tower is also an important part of the complete set of Pilates apparatus. It is also known as the Trapeze table or the Cadillac. It helps to improve total body function.

In fact, this is Helen's favourite Pilates apparatus to improve her spine and shoulder health. After a session on the Tower, she can feel her spine getting more flexible and stronger and her shoulders and neck are more relaxed. She finds it easier to stand upright and her whole body is light and energised.

説明します: リフォーマーは有名ですが、タワー、別名空中ブランコ、キャデラックは全身の機能を向上させる重要なピラティス器具の1つであることをご存知ですか?ヘレンは、背骨と肩の健康のために、このピラティス器具を愛用しています。タワーでピラティスをした後、彼女は背骨がより柔軟で強くなり、肩と首がよりリラックスしているのを感じています。背筋が伸びて、肩や首が楽になり、体全体が軽くなって元気になりました。

We wanted to make this summer a special one by creating a monthly pass for our Tower classes, just for the 3 months in June, July and August. At ¥66000 per month, you can access a total of 32 classes each month! この夏、6月、7月、8月の3ヶ月間だけ、月額66,000円で32のTowerクラスに通い放題のマンスリーパスが登場します。

watch a tower exercise in action here:

All about the tower

You will recognise the Tower as a vertical unit that comes with several attachments. As you progress in your practice, you'll learn to recognise the different elements, how to use them and how they all come together to help work on each part of your body.

The roll-back bar, arm springs, leg springs and push-through bar provide a full body workout on the Tower. It is highly adaptable and everyone from a beginner to an advanced practitioner can benefit from this apparatus. As it's a versatile apparatus, the springs and resistance can all be adjusted to suit each person's height, weight and strength.

Clients who have experienced the Tower love it because it's full of variety, it's dynamic and fun and you get a really complete workout. It's useful to improve alignment, strengthen, define and stretch the muscles.

The best part is, you get a total body strengthening and stretching workout (your core will thank you for this!) without stressing the joints. The reason why so many feel taller and lighter after a workout on the Tower is because many of the exercises focus on opening up the hips, chest, lengthening the spine and using breathing to ease into and deepen stretches.

You don't have to wait for New Year to make fitness resolutions. We can make the change any time and set ourselves a little challenge! Make this summer different - come join us and feel the happiness from within when your body gets healthier and stronger.

Go Tower Power this Summer 2023!

And if you're going to be travelling for a holiday or work this summer and don't want to miss out on your Pilates training, remember our Mat Pass is something you can take with you wherever you go. All you need is your mat and connect to our Mat classes online!

If you are passionate about Pilates and want to take your training even further, find out more about our world-class Pilates instructor training courses at My Body My Pilates.



Our Pilates studio is at 3 丁目5ー11元麻布 1/F Pilates Studio, Block C Majes Motoazabu Gardens, 港区 Tokyo 106-0046.

Contact My Body My Pilates to discuss your Pilates exercises.


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