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Hips don't lie


As Shakira has been saying all this time, Hips don't Lie, and it's true - healthy hips make people happier! And interestingly enough, as an indicator of health and fertility, men are more attracted to women with wider hips (even though they may not be consciously aware why)!

Ample hips indicate increased childbearing possibilities and, get this, higher intelligence as well!

シャキーラがずっと曲の中で言っているように、ヒップは嘘つかない。それは本当です。健康なヒップは人々を幸せにします!大変興味深いことに、男性はヒップの大きな女性により惹かれるとindicator of health and fertilityにもあります!(自分でもなぜその女性に惹かれているのか分からない人が多いみたいですが!)大きなヒップは出産の可能性が上がるとも、また、(ここ大事!)高い知性の持ち主だとも言われています!

So for the ladies out there, love and take care of your hips regardless of the size!


Why are hips so important?


Hip health is so important and yet it is often overlooked. It is such a chunky part of human anatomy we assume it is strong just because of the way it looks. Hips need care and training, it plays an important role while walking, running, jumping and other activities. Our modern lifestyles tend to be increasingly sedentary which is weakening the hip muscles.


What are the benefits of healthy hips?


There are number of Pilates exercises that help work on your hip muscles. For example, the Bridge helps target the gluteal and hamstring muscles at the back of the hips and legs. It is a wonderful exercise for your spine at the same time, it helps to stretch tight muscles in the front of the hips such as the hip flexors and quadriceps. A healthy hip even makes your knees happier! Strong hips help to align your leg correctly so that there is less unwanted stress on your knee.


Let's BE Hippy!

A complete class focused on hip strength that you can teach or practice at home

Let's be happy with a strong hippy! We love pampering our hips and getting them strong and healthy at our Pilates studio!


体が軽くて、強くて、健康的で、もっと幸せになりたいと思いませんか?健康的で鍛えられたヒップをつくるためにはどうすればいいのか、My Body My Pilatesのワークショップで学びましょう!4月25日、9月12日に開催です。

You will take away from these workshops:

  • Knowledge about the anatomy around the pelvic area and legs

  • Understanding what a healthy (and therefore happy) hip is

  • Importance of hip stability and mobility

  • A complete class focused on hip strength that you can teach or practise at home


  • 骨盤と足の周りの機能についての知識

  • 健康的なヒップ(つまり幸せな)とは何か

  • ヒップの安定と可動の大切さ

  • ヒップの強化に集中した完全なレッスンで、教わった内容をご自分のスタジオで教えたり、自宅でエクササイズができるようになる

Our location

My Body My Pilates studio is at 3 丁目5ー11元麻布 1/F Pilates Studio, Block C Majes Motoazabu Gardens, 港区 Tokyo 106-0046


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