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COVID-19 - Where Do I go from here?

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Diary of Coronavirus, 2020

Masks, cleaning solution being used at My Body My Pilates
We’re offering masks for staff and clients, and cleaning equipment more frequently

Since the Coronavirus speedily spread in China from the end of Jan earlier Feb, from March, it started spreading to the world. My training of Pilates - The Heritage Program in Denver got canceled halfway and has been postponed for future months. I came back to Tokyo on March 17, to take extra caution for my members and staffs, I decided to take 2 weeks self-quarantine at home. While March 31 is my last day of the quarantine, the number of new cases have started going up and Japan announced cancelling Olympics. For now, the government has not ordered a lockdown, only advised 'stay at home'.

I have closed most of the classes taught by my instructors who live far. I changed the towels to paper towel in the bathroom, am offering masks for staff and clients to wear, keeping the window open to let air flow, and cleaning my equipment more frequently. My classes are always been small with a maximum of 5 people in a nearly 100sqm room, We should be safe, right? With the limited knowledge of the virus and the physical needs of clients, especially for those who rely on Pilates for their pain management. Shall I keep my studio open?

Last week I started daily online live Pilates classes, to provide an alternate method to people who stay at home and need workout and Pilates. Shall I completely close my studio for now? what is the right thing to do?


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