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Five minutes is all it takes to work on your core. Here's a video to show you how you can do this.

Between now and 6th January 2019, post your Holiday Workout Challenge on Instagram and tag your video with #mybodymypilates to win 100¥ per video that you can use to purchase your future pilates class or package.

これはチャレンジです!12月15日から1月6日まで5分の集中トレーニングは毎日を努めてください!インスタグラムに投稿したら#mybodymypilatesに書いてください。毎回これにすれば 100¥オッフにします。未来のパッケージに使えます。

Happy holidays and stay toned!


My Body My Pilates is a boutique Pilates Studio situated in the heart of Tokyo, Japan. Our classes are available for English, Chinese and Japanese speaking clients. We invite you to join us if you yearn for a gorgeous, strong, lean body.


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