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A Smooth Delivery with Pilates

Our client Isabel went through her pregnancy with My body My Pilates and we are thrilled to meet her baby girl Alma!

Pilates is a low-impact workout that is safe to do during pregnancy. In fact, it is beneficial as many of our clients have experienced for themselves when they went through their pregnancy with us.

"Konichiwa Hiroko-San, yesterday I gave birth to our daughter Alma. The birth was quick and everyone is doing great. Thank you for your help with Pilates birth preparation!" - Isabel

We are a specialist in prenatal and postpartum care by offering Yoga and Pilates classes for mothers.

Our Prenatal Pilates is a gentle exercise that focuses on stretching out your spine, especially the lower back. It is a common challenge for mothers-to-be to go through their day with constant backache. Pilates can help ease out the pain, and give you a refreshing boost of energy. Clients have also found our breathing classes helpful for a stress-free pregnancy and it has helped them a lot through labor and delivery. Our Pre and Postnatal Pilates and Yoga classes are low-impact workouts that increase flexibility, strength and muscle tone. They are safe to do during and after pregnancy.

So you see, Pilates is truly our natural way of life - we use it every day, everywhere we go, and in every situation!

Mothers love our Pilates classes so book early in advance as we keep our class numbers small.

Yoga and Pilates classes are on every Wednesday starting 11 January 2023, Fees: ¥21,000 for 5 classes. Package is valid for 2 months from date of purchase. Look for Pre and Post Natal Package - 21,000JPY to purchase package

Our Pre and Postpartum Yoga is taught by French Yoga Instructor and Doula, Célia Hughes. Pre and Postnatal Pilates is taught by Hiroko or Helen, our Master Pilates instructor.

Charlotte is another one of our mothers who have benefited from doing Pilates. Our Prenatal and Postnatal Pilates ensure your body is well taken care of and prepared, from your pregnancy through to delivery and helps you to recuperate after as well.

Read her testimonial here.

We strive to provide our clients with what they need for a healthy, happy body. We now also offer Myofascial Release Massage by Katie who is a certified prenatal and postnatal massage therapist. Learn more here.

Price: 30mins ¥8000

60mins ¥16000



Our Pilates studio is at 3 丁目5ー11元麻布 1/F Pilates Studio, Block C Majes Motoazabu Gardens, 港区 Tokyo 106-0046.

Contact My Body My Pilates to discuss your Pilates exercises.


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