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Helen Zhang

Master Pilates Instructor and Founder of My Body My Pilates

Speaks English, 中文, 日本語

HELEN ZHANG Founder & AGATA Pilates Inst

"Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness" - Joseph Pilates.

At my late 20's, my knees gave me so much pain that I struggled with walking up and down the stairs. My doctor recommended that I do Pilates to alleviate the pain. After a month, my knees were healed and I said goodbye to pain. The big PLUS, I got my dream body that I had yearned for a very long time.

​After over 10 years of teaching, my passion for Pilates only increase. Pilates provide large range benefits for our physical and metal health from simple fitness needs to rehabilitation, from socializing to finding inner-peace,  you can always find a place suite your needs. 

​It offers true connection between mind and body to lift up your spiritual.

Let's all be happy!


Helen Zhang, Master Instructor.

Helen Zhang
Master Pilates Instructor and Founder of My Body My Pilates
Speaks: English, 中文, 日本語

Born in Shanghai, China, I moved to Japan with my family to start my Pilates studio. I am currently based in Tokyo. 

Pilates really entered my life when I was suffering from acute knee pain. The simple act of walking up and down the stairs was excruciating for me. My therapist suggested Pilates as part of my pain management plan and I have never looked back. It took only a month of Pilates training for the pain in my knees to disappear. I could not believe the relief and freedom I felt. It was like I was given a new lease of life.


That spurred me to seek professional training as a Pilates instructor so I could share with people how Pilates can change their lives.

There is so much knowledge to gain in Pilates, and I continue to train as much as I can. I now have the following certifications:

  • Master Instructor training by Balanced Body USA

  • Pre & Postnatal Pilates training with The Center of Women’s Fitness USA

  • Fascia-focused Pilates Movements by Elizabeth Larkam

  • ​Senior OOV Trainer Level 1,2,3 by Daniel Vladeta

  • Pilates for children training with Pilates Youth Organization

  • Pilates for Scoliosis by ​Karena M. Thek - Founder of Scolio- Pilates

Pilates is a part of my life and it has given me more than getting rid of pain. My body is strong, toned, aligned - and most importantly, a  body is the foundation of a happy soul. 

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