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My Body My Pilates, authorised Pilates Mat and Reformer training centre in Tokyo, Japan

At My Body My Pilates
Movement is Joy!

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Our Pilates studio is in the heart of Tokyo, Japan.  

Pilates classes are conducted in English, Japanese, Chinese and Polish.

We care about your health and wellbeing.  We want to help you optimize your movements to use your body efficiently and correctly, strengthening your body to be at your best condition at any age. We offer world-class Pilates programs with a holistic approach from fitness to clinical.

Our studio creates an international environment to warm welcome all cultures.

Helen Zhang, the Founder of My Body My Pilates also provides Pilates Instructor courses in English and Chinese, certified by Balanced Body. 

What Clients Say

1年半です。姿勢を良くしたいと思い始めました。背骨が正しく整った気がします。 近所なので通いやすく、クラスが全体的に良いです。タワー皆さん素敵だと思います。今のままで良いと思います。- MK Kim




  • 姿勢改善

  • 関節の可動域を広げ、安定性をよくする

  • 全身の筋力強化

  • 体の緊張をほぐす

  • スポーツのパフォーマンス向上

  • 免疫力を高める

  • けが予防

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What we offer
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