Pilates for Teens


Many teens in our modern world are eating fast food, watching TV and playing video games resulting in a lack of a nutritious diet and physical activity. Concerned parents are now looking at exercise programs for their teens in an effort to keep them fit, improve their posture, and set them up for a lifetime of good health. A rigorous exercise regimen, however, may not be beneficial for youths and could even be harmful. The concern stems from the fact that their developing skeletal frame cannot handle the demanding forms of exercise in more aerobic-oriented or cardiovascular programs. For these teens, a safer, healthier, low-impact workout is needed such as Pilates.


Teens who do Pilates become confident in their bodies, look better, have more energy and are more attentive at schoolwork.

Teen Pilates is available under the Children + Teen Pilates Membership plan, at ¥18000 per month. Contact the studio for more information.