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Reformer Class

The reformer machine is the first piece of equipment Joseph Pilates invented, with you in mind. The unique design of the reformer machine was designed to cater to a wide range of fitness needs and goals - from rehabilitative to athletic needs. The reformer uses a combination of springs to help you improve mobility and core strength, with a series of specially designed exercise routines. Joseph Pilates wanted to help everyone with all kind of ailments. As such, exercises on the reformer machine can be executed in a wide range of positions and movements to suit your needs. Each one-on-one session is conducted in understanding of your specific level, needs and fitness goals. As you progress through the different intensity levels, we adjust exercises to provide a full body, high-intensity workout, whilst remaining low impact. 

Beginner and level 1 classes allow you to get comfortable using the reformer machine. We focus on correcting spinal and pelvic alignment, lengthening muscles and developing a strong core. 

Level 2 and advanced classes adopt a more athletic focus with a higher intensity and flow. We look into muscle endurance, building lactate tolerance, peripheral joint stability, muscle strength and more. 

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