***Cancellation Policy: Minimum 24 hours in advance. otherwise you will be fully charged ***

We offer babysitting service during postnatal class. The sitters are from CareFinder who provide insurance. The cost is 800¥ per baby.  Please book in advance. 

To become a member of CareFinder for your own use, please use discount code 1000YEN_MBMP,  you get 1000¥ OFF for first month membership. 

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Prenatal Pilates Class (Level 1)

For all levels of fitness, from conception until labor



Strengthen your tummy, back and pelvic floor muscles during your pregnancy term with time-tested Pilates exercises. Safe even through to your third trimester, our exercises will help prepare your body for the changes during pregnancy. 




Breathing for birth (All Levels)

Guest Teacher: Tokyo Doula - Stephanie Kawai 

Day: Every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month
Time: 10:30-11:30am
Class fee: 1,500 yen per participant (limited to 8-10 women)

In this one hour class, we will be getting in touch with our bodies and minds in preparation for labour and birth. We will focus on our breathing and the ways in which it can help us during labour – as an essential tool for relaxation in labour as well as the crucial role our breathing plays in helping us manage our contractions more effectively.

Combined together with other gentle relaxation techniques and massage, this one hour class should leave you feeling refreshed, more empowered and more in touch with your body.


Postnatal Pilates Class (Level 1)
Following birth when postnatal bleeding ends. Babies are welcome.


Now that baby is here, you can once again focus on helping your body heal. Stretched ligaments and muscles will need reminding what it was like before baby. With practice and patience, allow Pilates to help you regain control over your body.