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Pilates Instructor - Catherine

Language: English

I was working as an accountant and running a lot when I suffered an injury to my sacroiliac joint. The pain was debilitating and it meant I could no longer do what I loved and run! A progressive doctor prescribed me 10 weeks of Pilates and after my 10 weeks were over I signed up for another 10 and before I realized… I was hooked!


The transformative power of Pilates allowed me to get back out running and more! It carried me safely through my pregnancies and after each birth I felt able to gradually regain control and strength in my body and my mind thanks to regular Pilates practice. 


I felt passionate about sharing my love for the Pilates method and decided to train to teach others. I am qualified to instruct on the mat, reformer and the full studio equipment through Polestar Pilates -  a rehab focused training school recognized internationally. 


My goal is to enable clients to understand their body better, to learn how to move safely without pain and to take their Pilates-understanding with them into all areas of their lives - feeling stronger, walking taller and experiencing freedom through movement. 

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