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Packages & Prices

Standard prices

Studio membership fee: 5000Y per year

Single Group Class: 3500Y (60mins)

Single MOTR Class: 5000Y (60mins)

Single Private Lesson: 8000Y (60mins)

Raindrop technique therapy: 8000Y (60mins)

Trial price: 1 single class, It can be deducted from package when you buy any package at same day as trial.


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Group Class Package (G)

Package A: 11000Y for 4 classes, expiry 1 month (=2750yen/per class);

Package B: 18000Y for 6 classes, expiry 2 months (=3000yen/per class);

Package C: 32000Y for 10 classes, expiry 3 months (=3200yen/ per class)


MOTR Class Package (M)

Package A: 15000¥ for 4 classes, expired 1 month (=3750¥/Class)

Package B: 25800¥ for 6 classes, expired 2 months (=4300¥/Class)

Package C: 47000¥ for 10 classes, expired 3 months (=4700¥/Class)

Private lesson Package (P)

Package A; 28000Y for 4 lessons, expiry 1 month (=7000yen/lesson)

Package B; 44000Y for 6 lessons, expiry 2 months (=7333yen/lesson)

Package C: 75000Y for 10 lessons, expiry 3 months (=7500yen/lesson)

All in One Package (A) 
(access to both group and private classes except essential oil related)

100000Y -  35%OFF and expiry 12months (=2275yen/group class / 5200yen/private lesson)



Current members please book or change your class here. 

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***Cancellation Policy: Minimum 24 hours in advance.***

Class information

Prenatal Pilates Class (Level 1)

For all levels of fitness, from conception until labor



Strengthen your tummy, back and pelvic floor muscles during your pregnancy term with time-tested Pilates exercises. Safe even through to your third trimester, our exercises will help prepare your body for the changes during pregnancy. 




Breathing for birth (All Levels)

Guest teacher: Tokyo Doula - Stephanie Kawai 

Day: Every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month
Time: 10:30-11:30am
Class fee: 1,500 yen per participant (limited to 8-10 women)

In this one hour class, we will be getting in touch with our bodies and minds in preparation for labour and birth. We will focus on our breathing and the ways in which it can help us during labour – as an essential tool for relaxation in labour as well as the crucial role our breathing plays in helping us manage our contractions more effectively.

Combined together with other gentle relaxation techniques and massage, this one hour class should leave you feeling refreshed, more empowered and more in touch with your body.

Email Stephanie now to book your class.


Postnatal Pilates Class (Level 1)
Following birth when postnatal bleeding ends. Babies are welcome.


Now that baby is here, you can once again focus on helping your body heal. Stretched ligaments and muscles will need reminding what it was like before baby. With practice and patience, allow Pilates to help you regain control over your body. 




Pilates on small ball (Level 2)


We show you how to achieve increased flexibility and balance with improved muscle tone with our exercises using a simple small ball.


Aroma Pilates (Level 1-2)



Did you know essential oils can help support our physical and emotion health too? In this class uses premium essential oils to enhance energy levels and promote body tone with a range of Pilates routines.


MOTR (Level 2-3)


 MOTR may look like a roller but
it is way MOre Than a Roller.

Experience the unique challenge of Pilates Reformer work on MOTR, along with new balance, strength, cardio, agility and core challenges.

Stretch Pilates (Level 1)



Pilates is known for helping people develop both strength and flexibility. One without the other often results in poor alignment of the body which is experienced as muscle or joint pain. This class aims to help you achieve the right balance of both stronger muscles and increased flexibility in your joints. 


Stretching for golfers  (Level 1)



Pilates exercise has been proven effective to enhance sports performance for many different sports including golfers, cyclists, equestrians, long and short-distance runners. Back injuries are common with golfers often because of the lack of flexibility in their upper body. Our targeted stretch exercises will help keen golfers achieve increased muscular flexibility to prevent back pain and injuries.



Core training for golfers

(Level 1-2)

Pilates exercise has been proven effective to enhance sports performance for many different sports. Specifically, Pilates is known to be beneficial for golfers, cyclists, equestrians, long and short-distance runners, as well as competitive divers, baseball, football and basketball players.

Golf requires trunk flexibility and stability, strong legs and glutes to help transfer the energy of ground force reactions, strong shoulders and lats to assist with control of the golf club and a strong core to support the body for the rigors of the repetitive swing motion. Back injuries are common with golfers and Pilates exercise can help golfers with relief of pain as well as help them gain more balanced muscular which helps prevent back pain and injuries.

In this class, we focus on core and lower body training.


Pilates for children (Level 1)


   We keep it simple and fun with a range of low impact exercises that help kids get to know their bodies better. We help kids understand what the right posture and spinal alignment should be and to adjust themselves accordingly. Perfect for kids of all activity levels, our fundamental Pilates exercises help the young ones strengthen core muscles which are key in their growth and development. Suitable from age 6 yrs up.

`In childhood habits are easily formed - good and bad. Why not then concentrate on the formation of only good habits and thus avoid the necessity later on in life of attempting to correct bad habits and substituting for them good habits` - Joseph H. Pilates







Private Reformer Lesson



Enjoy the true benefits of Joseph Pilates' rehabilitative methods with this targeted session tailored specifically to your needs. Using the reformer machine, we work with you to achieve your body goals. Sign up here!

Raindrop technique therapy



Using a specific combination of premium therapeutic grade essential oils, the Raindrop therapy technique seeks to promote balance and healing both physically and emotionally. Essential oils are applied directly to the feet and along the spine for maximum effect. The oils bolster the body to heal itself, creating an inhospitable environment for free radicals to be eliminated naturally. Here are some benefits many have experienced:
Invigorates the Mind
Balances Body Energy
Reduces Inflammation
Improves Circulation
Shields from Pathogens
Helps with Structural Alignment
Relieves Stress
Improves Immune Function
Promotes Respiratory Benefits